Who Are We?

Writat offers complete self-publishing in India and the USA. We give aspiring writers and established authors an opportunity to reach millions of readers worldwide through their books.

An imprint of Alpha Editions, leading publishing house with offices in the USA and India, Writat was established with the idea of building an inexpensive dynamic resource pool for writers who want to create an impact with their words but have limited means to do so.

We know of many esteemed novelists and authors whose works have been repeatedly rejected by top book publishers in India and other countries for several years before they found success. Imagine if they had a self-publishing partner in their time?

Despite writing great books and novels, there are talented writers who fail to cross bookstores into the hands of readers due to the complex publishing process. Writat eases this out by ensuring that you find everything needed for selling a book when you come to us - from manuscript formatting and cover designing to publishing and printing.

Apart from the free book publishing platform, we also provide customized assisted services for writers to grow and establish their presence across their niche. Our experts provide stand-alone solutions in Marketing and Promotion, Designing, Starting a Career, Writing, and more.

Our Humble Aim


To bridge the gap between your ideas as a creator and getting published as a celebrated author.


To encourage every aspiring writer to publish their work without the fear of being rejected by publishing houses.


To help writers publish and sell their works in paperbacks free of cost around the globe.



Free Book Publishing:

Our solutions and support services are absolutely free to use. We wouldn’t want to burden you with unnecessary costs before your book starts selling. Therefore, designing, creating, publishing, and resources are free at Writat.

Distribute Globally:

Write at your desk and take your book all over the world. To maximize your book’s potential, we help you reach readers and sell across all regions, countries, and continents, regardless of your location and language.


Sell Locally:

We do not restrict to one platform to list your books, unlike other book publishers in India. Instead, you get first-hand access to retailers, booksellers, ecommerce sites, and other book distributors popular and recognized in the particular region and country – for instance, Barnes & Nobles and Amazon for selling in the United States. Similarly, Amazon & Blackwell for UK, Flipkart & Amazon for India, The Nile for New Zealand and Australia, and Chapters Indigo for Canada.

Publish Book in Your Language:

We fulfill the dreams of global writers by supporting self-publishing in Indian and foreign languages. Besides English, now you can publish your book in French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, Finish, Norwegian, Turkish, and more.

Worldwide Printing Locations:

We print books locally to efficiently manage our turnover time, from printing to shipping to delivery. Therefore, we are associated with prominent printers in the USA, UK, India, Canada, China, Brazil, South Korea, Spain, Australia, Germany, Russia, Poland, and Italy.

Zero Inventory:

We follow a Print-on-Demand model that eliminates the need for authors to produce inventory. In the Print-on-Demand (POD) model, books are printed in real-time as and when demand is received. This streamlines the supply chain and sales tracking.

360-Degree Assistance:

Having trouble? Have your story ready, but not sure where to begin? Let us help you with our Assisted Publishing services. We provide additional services like Bulk Book Printing, Self-Publishing Package, Social Media Marketing, Cover Designing, Book Interior Designing, Author Website Design and Development, and Marketing Stubs.

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