Poetry Book

Poetry is not an addiction but meditation that slowly embraces the soul with warm words and beautiful messages…

Poetry is one of the popular self-publishing genres because all their lives, poets try to resonate with their readers' whims and fancies. But, did you know so many great poets of yesteryears paid to publish their first works? If only they had Writat – the free ebook-publishing site that helps the dream hearts and soft souls to turn their music minds into beautiful poetry books. Writat takes the burden of publishing your poems off your shoulders by providing end-to-end solutions in editing, publishing, printing, and selling wherever you want, whenever you want around the world.

With Writat, you can self-publish poems in 15+ world languages, including Urdu, Hindi, Spanish, German, Tamil, English, French, and Bengali, with different book styles and templates and over 500+ cover designs. We will also help you format and edit your book – all of this from the comforts of your home.


No More Wandering in Melancholy – Find Your Grace in Writat

Writat offers 100% satisfaction when it comes to self-publishing poems free of cost. With different style options to choose from, we print our books in state-of-the-art printing facilities locally established in major countries, states, and cities. We will also list your poetry in 40,000 worldwide distribution network channels, thus eliminating all language, place, and time barriers.

Besides, you don't have to spend a fortune on publishing your poems either. Our Print on Demand service makes things like a dream sequence. You reader can order your print-ready poetry book in minutes, and the PoS will let you print and sell it as and when the demand arises through our associated local printers. This significantly reduces the bulky warehousing cost, print run cost, and other charges traditional publishers quote.

Additionally, our team of publishing and writing specialists are available to assist you on various other aspects of poetry publishing, such as online marketing.

Selecting the Right Book Style and Binding for Your Poetry Book

We are one of the leading self-publishing platforms that publish and print poetry books in hardcover and paperback versions. Writat will make you ready with everything – eBooks, Printed Books, Cover Design, and ISBNs. Log on to your Writat dashboard to upload the manuscript of your poem book in PDF format, design your book cover and interior, and let us publish it.