Photo Book (Coffee-Table Books)

Best picture books are those that fill the gap between illustrations and words with readers' imaginations and spark conversation effortlessly.

Picture books or coffee-table books are high quality, attractive hardbacks with images, illustrations, colorful artworks, stories, and short narrations printed on glossy paper. Ideal photobooks tell stories quickly, taking in a wide view of the subject with short content. Self-Publishing a coffee table book is an art in itself as it needs to be perfect eye candy, devoid of deep explorations. If you love communicating your story or areas of interest through photographs, images, drawings, and artwork, coffee table picture books could be your match made in heaven.
Writat-Online Picture Book Publishing offers a perfect opportunity to self-publish your book for your niche audience free of cost. Whether you want to print a single-copy coffee table book on your personal life or family history or publish a popular category for a global audience, we have everything required to print and sell an appealing picture book.


Celebrate Your Photographs by Publishing Them into Visually Pleasing Books

Your photographs deserve an audience. Don't hold back when you have a leading self- publishing coffee table book platform supporting you from start to finish. At Writat, you can publish and sell different types of picture books in various sizes and paper quality, including children's books, wedding albums, cookbooks, photographs, paintings, project portfolios, illustrations, comics, and more.

Since your book will sit on the table as a decorative item and call out to guests to pick it up and flip through its pages, we have 500+ aesthetic designs for book interior and cover choices. We also offer customized plans to meet your specific book publishing needs.

Yours Could be the Famous Coffee Table Book of All Time

Lack of articulation, visual translation, or tempting design could lose your photo book's purpose. But yours could be the coffee table book of all time for all ages. Writat's online picture book publishing offers different book templates, editing and designing assistance, and an established distribution network of over 40K channels to begin with. With no large print runs, low investment assisted publishing services, and the print-on-demand solution, you can earn a high-profit margin on your picture book.