Determine How to Self-Publish a Book with Writat’s Popular Options for Authors

Choose the Right Genre & Style for Your Writing

As a writer, you must know whom your work belongs to – your best readers and ardent fans. Finding the right genre & style determines the success of your book. But there are multitudes of options when it comes to self-publishing a book – Should you go for Paperback or eBook publishing? Will your book be tagged as Romance or Fantasy? Which Sub-genre will suit you best? These questions are crucial when planning your book. As one of the leading global book publishing companies, we offer a fine selection of genres and styles to help you plan your book perfectly.

Your Work is Not Over Yet

So, how to get your book published? Since self-publishing books need perfect manuscripts to create appeal, we suggest completing these critical steps before proceeding with your chosen book publishing plan.

Many self-publishing publishers struggle to manage everything on their own. We understand you need to wear many hats to get your books available to the target readers. And so, Writat is here with simple customizations for self-publication of books. These stand-alone solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each author, ensuring that they can publish their books with ease.