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WISDOM OF ANCIENT INDIA (Inner Journey for Health and Peace) The author has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 33 years. Out of 33 years he worked for 17 years in abroad, mostly in East Africa. He worked in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania in senior management positions. He launched many products of Indian and multinational companies. He travelled extensively in East Africa including the remote places. Worked as training manager for 26 years and simultaneously undergone many training programmes. The environment in East Africa helped him to progress spiritually, having many experiences. He is voracious reader of all kinds of books, particularly the books on spirituality. He had also undergone various courses in the field of Bio Energy, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Falundafa, Accupressure, etc. Art of Living, Yogada Satsang Society of India, Wholeness programme of Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev and Vipasana. He was also registered as Herbalist in Uganda and was a consultant for the Herbal Dept of Christian University NDEJE Uganda, and treated using natural remedies. He returned from abroad in the year 2007. He personally feel that Sanathana Dharma has its foundation in the Vedas and Upanishads, because they are very scientific. He feel that these scholars instead of telling the monotonous repetitions of various Puranas must explain Upanishads and Vedas in a very simple way. Author found that, there is a huge gap between Vedas , Upanishads., and Puranas. He feels that our main target should be the children and the youth of India, whose intelligence and consciousness is far superior to the scholars. AUTHORS EXPERIENCE: In Kashi, the pundits (Vidwan) vedic scholars one day had engaged in deeper discussions. An young student of age around ten years posed a question to these scholars. “Sir! I have a small doubt. We have been discussing about when one should take the name of GOD, and think of him? If a person in the toilet and suddenly had chest pain, tell me whether he should think of GOD and chant mantras or not? Pundits were baffled…………. This is the in born intelligence of the present children. The scholars talk about “Sthala Shuddhi”, is very important to think of GOD. The pundits could not answer. Nevertheless started thinking about this question. I came to know about a very fascinating story informed to me by a research scholar who has been maintaining a Vedic school since many years nearby Kakinada, may be about 70-100 years back. One entire agrahara was full of scholars in Adharwana Veda. Unfortunately the rulers of India whose souls were dedicated to western i.e. Paradharma , completely ignored these scholars who were almost starving. The Germans knowing the greatness of our Vedas were searching for Vedic Scholars. Their search ended at this Agraharam. They hired aeroplanes and taken all the scholars to Germany. They respected these scholars, learnt Sanskrit from them and made translations of Adharwana Veda, into the German language. These scholars also learnt the German language with in no time. On the other hand to our mis-fortune the rulers of India did not have even the basic knowledge about our Swadharma. And they insult the Saffron Robes, who had spread the light of knowledge all over the World in ancient Bharat. Let us wake up from this deep slumber of ignorance and inferiority complex and spread once again this light of knowledge which only can bring the people from all over India and establish VASUDHAIKA KUTUMBAKAM. For my part I am trying to lite a small candle of light to dispel at least some darkness. I request the readers to give me their comments and if this book is encouraged, some more books of this kind will see the light in future.

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