Wine Of Ecstasy

By Mohsin Ali (Author)

Language : English
Pages : 162
Paperback ISBN : 9789357902007
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Love is the only wine of ecstasy, whoever drinks, becomes immortal in the realm of passion. In the ultimate seeking of Beloved, when the cup of wine is drunk, there remains no thought apart from His Glance and Seeking. Wine is not only word, when used in poetry it multiples a supernatural sense. The Wine of Ecstasy always contains different meanings and sometimes don't have any meaning but is meant to be felt and observed within through deep awareness. A seeker holds an empty cup till the Beloved fills it with wine of Love. The more it's drunk, the more thirst grows. Therefore a soul is wistful to dissolve in Passion of Beloved completely, he wants to dye himself in it's color and give taste of love. Before one reads these, it is vital to be aware about it's signs and depth, about the path where it leads to, what it holds next? One needs to be in love, drink the wine of love and get ready to wane itself.

About Contributor

Mohsin Ali

Mohsin Ali, a young writer, author and poet born in Budgam district of Jammu and Kashmir, India. He completed his schooling from a government school. He has been quite passionate about writing and deep observer of Nature, Human intellect and mystery of life. Mohsin has already published some of his works which include 'The Vibrant flowers of Garden' 'The Dawn', and some other. Mohsin’s severe health issues have resulted in years of getting bedridden and isolated and remained aloof from academics completely after 12th standard. Since this condition usually gives one a sense of anguish and despair as one sees one’s peers enjoying life to its fullest. In this fight with diseases, he feels like being born again and again only to meet a new death-like experience. For the writer, however, it comes with other blessings: the understanding, or the mindfulness of understanding the meaning of life. Mohsin is deeply influenced by arcanum of life as he developed in this fight from the childhood days, Which helped him to fathom the essence of God's plan. He finds every strike as a blessing from Above. Being under the shadow of master, it became a path for him to understand the nature of life and never rushed. He chooses writing a path to sing like those birds in own tone, in praise and glory of God and finds the pain a hidden way to unfold treasure of life.


Body, Mind & Spirit : Mysticism

Juvenile Nonfiction : Poetry - General

Juvenile Nonfiction : Poetry - General