By SHREYAS GHADGE (Abridged by)

Language : English
Pages : 45
Paperback ISBN : 9789356649019
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Life is like a circus with people from each character sitting with you. Most of the time surprises happen in the circus instead of doing something but don't forget that you are a magician whose magic is going to captivate the audience in the circus but you’re thinking process will show whether you are a magician or a clown.

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Shreyas Ghadge, 22 years old, has just completed his engineering education from YCCE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, but surprisingly, his writing journey started at such a young age, who made himself so capable from an early age. They have this God-given gift of how to put things into words, so they have something to admire. The book that preceded them is equally fun and instructive. He was also honored for that. But I did not think that he would write a book depicting even a small incident so well with the help of words and illustrate what people would get out of it, so one should enjoy his books at least once. • Author of unstoppable miracles. • Author of 15 changes of life. • Author of the pursuit of an imaginary soul.


Self-Help : Motivational & Inspirational

Self-Help : Motivational & Inspirational

Self-Help : Motivational & Inspirational