Technology How Influences Products And

By JOHN LOK (Author)

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Introduction Our business society had been experiencing new technological products invention changing stage, e.g.traditional telephone products had been changed to mobile products , even nowadays smart phones production model; traditional private cars had been changed to electric or battery energy charged vehicles model, even future non-manual auto driving vehicles model. What factors had influenced our traditional business model changes? Traditional business changing model whether which may bring negative or positive impact to our future societies? In my this book, I shall attempt to indicate our living business changing models to explain above two questions to let readers can understand. Learning strategies are important to help organizations. Any organizations must need to implement effective strategies in order to improve performance or raise efficiency,or attract clients to choose to buy their products. So, nowadays all different kinds of business organizations ought make the most effective strategies in order to achieve any one of above business targets. In my this book, I shall explain some effective strategies to let these organizations in order to help they earn the most chance to achieve the above aims. Readers can make analysis to judge whether these strategies may be the most effective to achieve above aims.

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I had graduated business Administration Science Degree in Common Wealth Open University. Then, I concentrate on researching whether how economic changing environment can influence our behaviors, e.g. consumer behavior in behavioral economic view. I had researched different behavioral economic topics included how artificial intelligence influences economic environment changes, how artificial intelligence influences consumer behaviors, how disease influences traveler leisure psychology, how economic changing environment influences public transport passenger choice, how e-commerce market influences consumer behavior etc. different books are published. I hoped my readers can make accurate analysis to learn how and why the economic changing environment influences consumer behavior in behavioral economic view.


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