Springs Journey

By Mohsin Ali (Author)

Language : English
Pages : 133
Paperback ISBN : 9789357333641
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There is magic in being alive, In breathing. Because it's life that's showing us all that we have never seen or expected or experienced before. I feel it's a spring's journey wherein new and modern observations fall in place and we are surprised by them. Though it's also true these surprises don't always amaze but also threaten and create strife. For one who is an observer, it's as beautiful as spring, Because both roses and thorns come in life together with own function. 'Spring's Journey' is a collection of poems carrying the love for Nature and memories, silence and patience, The harmony, Peace and elation of spring. Though this book has been written in the month of May 2022 , Therefore most of the songs are written on nature, on its love and in accordance with it in other ways using poetic devices. Devotional poems, somehow anguished while as more Peace containing are in this. About winds of dawn, cool air of night and silence. There are verses that talk about kindness for humans, love and wisdom. Need of awareness and inner joy.

About Contributor

Mohsin Ali

Mohsin Ali, a young writer, author and poet from Budgam, Jammu and Kashmir, India. He completed his schooling from a government school. He has already published some of his works which include 'The Vibrant flowers of Garden' 'The Dawn', and some other. Mohsin’s severe health issues have resulted in years of getting bedridden and isolated and remained aloof from academics completely after 12th was done. This condition usually gives one a sense of anguish and despair as one sees one’s peers enjoying life to its fullest. In this fight with diseases, he feels like being born again and again only to meet a new death-like experience. For the writer, however, it comes with other blessings: the understanding, or the mindfulness of understanding the meaning of life. Mohsin has been deeply in love with nature and often writes about it. Since being under the shadow of master from early age, it became simple for him to understand the nature of life and never rushed. He chooses writing a path to sing like those birds in own tone, in praise and glory of God. He finds the pain a hidden way to unfold treasure of life.


Juvenile Nonfiction : Poetry - General

Poetry : Subjects & Themes - Death, Grief, Loss

Poetry : Subjects & Themes - Nature