Religion and Realization

By Jibankrishna Ghosh (Arranged by)

Language : English
Pages : 296
Paperback ISBN : 9789357334044
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The book contains the remarks and opinions held by Sri Ramkrishna Deva in relation to the Vedic experiences in the course of his instructions and dialogues with his disciples and with mankind. Along with it, side by side, the Vedic experiences with the Vedic references as experienced by Jibankrishna in his life and is experienced in their own lives by thousands of men, just proving the perfection and veracity of the writer are set out herein. Readers themselves may experience the truth and then it will be easy to draw their own conclusion.

About Contributor

Jibankrishna Ghosh

In 1893, a new era in the spiritual world began when a child was born at Howrah Town near Kolkata (Calcutta), India. From his very childhood divine realizations began to manifest within his body. At 12 years 4 months of age, Vedic Truth was revealed within him with the appearance of God-the-Preceptor in his dream. After that, numerous realizations started within his body with the ultimate result of visualizing ‘Atman’ or Supreme Soul or God in him as mentioned in the Upanishads. As a result, according to Upanishads, he was being seen in dreams among innumerable people irrespective of religion, gender, and age in many parts of the country though, without his knowledge. Afterward, they came, narrated their dreams, and identified with him. Diamond (Jeebankrishna) wrote two books based on his lifelong revelations Dharma-o-Anubhuti’ in Bengali and ‘Religion and Realization’ in English. Even after his demise in 1967, by merely reading his books or listening to the reading numerous people see him in dreams and reality and get him as their God-the-Preceptor.


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