My Own Colorful Bag Of Stories

By Swaranya Gupta (Author)

Language : English
Pages : 63
Paperback ISBN : 9789356753525
Currency Paperback
Rupees ₹ 110.00


'My Own Colorful Bag Of Stories' is a collection of a variety of short stories that deal with various topics in the contemporary world. These short stories and proses explore topics such as women empowerment, overcoming past traumas, spirituality, life during COVID-19 quarantine, etc. So, buckle up dear readers because you're going to go on a reading journey that is going to blow your minds away!

About Contributor

Swaranya Gupta

Swaranya Gupta is a 15-year-old school student studying in Delhi Public School Ruby Park, Kolkata, India. Her hobbies and interests mainly include writing poetry and stories, quizzing, drawing and singing. She is also an avid reader. Her interest in reading has helped her hone her creative writing and communication skills. She prefers writing poetry which has an arching theme of sadness and sorrow. She finds poetry as a medium of communication and comfort between people as well as a coping mechanism and hopes to give her readers the same comfort. Her mother is her biggest inspiration. For the future, she has big dreams and goals, and, she aspires to reach to the finish line with good intentions in her mind and love for family and friends in her heart.


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