Love After War

By Nassima Drihmi (Author)

Language : English
Pages : 57
Paperback ISBN : 9789356754522
Currency Paperback
Us Dollar US$ 6.44


Love After War is a collection of poems. This book will take you to another world of romance, love and fantasies. It talks about the hard times of life that the poet has suffered from, and the feelings she got when she was in Ukraine. Nassima also talked about some people that were special to her, such as her crush, ex lover, family and friends.

About Contributor

Nassima Drihmi

Nassima Drihmi is a Moroccan author, poet and artist from Souk Arbaa Gharb, Morocco. she was born on September 5th, 1997. She is currently living in Morocco.


Poetry : General

Young Adult Fiction : Romance - General

FICTION / Romance / Later in Life