By Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu (Editor), Nanduri Sri Sairam (Author)

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A BRIEF INTRODUCTION ABOUT LORD SRI SWAMI NARAYAN Narayan in Sanskrit is combination of two words. Sanskrit language is very great and one word will have different meanings depending upon the situation different names are applicable. In the word Narayan, there are two words. One is Nara and second word is Ayana. Nara means knowledge or wisdom. The wisdom may be about Botany or Zoology or Chemistry, Genealogy or Mineralogy etc. But in this particular context the word Nara i.e, wisdom or the knowledge is related to the spiritual science or spirituality. Ayana means the ultimate or utmost knowledge. Once you posses this knowledge there will be nothing left for you to study anymore. That way Narayana means the utmost spiritual knowledge which gives you enlightenment and releases you from the cycles of birth and death. Swami means the master. Swaminarayan means the master who posses the ultimate knowledge in the spiritual world. He is the embodiment of such ultimate knowledge. That is the meaning of Swaminarayan. Swaminarayan is the incarnation of Nara-Narayana. Nara represents Jeevatma and Narayan represents Paramatma i.e., the Supreme Being. It is also incarnation of the Lord Shri Krishna and also the Lord Dattatreya. In Sripada Srivallabha charitamrutham the journey of it’s author Shankara Bhatt begins from Udipi as per the instructions of Udipi Shri Krishna. Who constantly gives guidance in unseen form and through many characters. In the first chapter of Sripada Srivallabha charitamrutham the story of Vyaghreshara Sharma - a devotee who assumes the form of a tiger. This person, as per his inner intuition visits Urvasi Kundam, a small bathing tank named after Lord Indra’s consort dancer Urvasi. There he meets a saintly person who informs Vyaghreshara sharma that because of his past life virtue that he was attracted to the holy land of Badarika vanam which is the living place of Naranarayan. Who is none other than Lord Shri Krishna him self. Thus, there are so many hints to prove that Swaminarayan is none other than Lord Dattatreya himself. Unlike other biographies of other gods there are no exaggerations, no complicated theories or philosophies in Swaminarayana’s biography. All His devotees have recorded various incidents meticulously and erected small constructions in the memory of Swaminarayana in various places of India. Lord Swaminarayan also influenced the muslim and british rulers of India, also christian missionaries during his lifetime.

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