Learning Performance Improvement Methods

By JOHN LOK (Author)

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Preface I write the book aim to let any working people learn how to dealt personnel challenges when who need to cooperate with their staffs. I shall use different working environments to suppose what the personnel challenges you will face and I also suggest that you ought adopt what personnel solvable methods and positive attitudes to solve these personnel challenges are the best. I shall indicate different organizations' staffs cooperation challenges and I also suggest my best personnel solvable methods to dealt these challenges, for example, movie making team, baseball team, nuclear factory, business office, university, interior decorating partnership , bank, restaurant etc. different organizations. This book is suitable to be read by managers, CEO, administration clerk, organizational psychology etc. professional. Can time pressure management raise employee individual or team efficiency or inefficiency? In what situation, time pressure can raise efficiency productivity? How can improve efficiency? It depends on raising bonus, salary, raising welfare, building good relationship between employers and employees or other factors to improve efficiency in more time pressure working environment or less time pressure working environment. I shall indicate some organizational behavioral cases to attempt to explain whether suitable time pressure working environment factor can assist organization to raise efficiency. I shall indicate Hong Kong labors abnormal long time working hours factor which can influence society economic growth and raises productivity in long time. Why do I choose to research this topic? Because I discovered many employers need labors to increase working hours to work often, such as China , Hong Kong etc. developing countries. Although, they feel this method will help them to reduce to spend salary or wage expenditure to employ extra full time labors to assist them to achieve to raise aim of productivity. But in fact, they neglect to consider other disadvantages to cause their labors to feel tiring and unfair treatment and reduce their standard of life, due to their labors will not increase salary or wage very much and who also need to work very long hours per working day. I shall indicate evidences to prove why abnormal work hours method can only raise productivity in the short term, but this method can not raise productivity in the long term and it can also influence overall society economic decline and it can also influence labors' standard of life to be poor. In the final, I shall also recommend how employers, such as Hong Kong and China employers how to change their methods to achieve to raise their productivity in the long term. This book is suitable to any employers to read when who have interest to learn how to raise their workers' productivity in the long term. I believe that you can learn how to dealt personnel psychological challenges in your working environments more easily. Finally, as i am one business psychology, I hope that you can learn how to apply psychology knowledge, e.g. expectancy theory, ERG theory, Maslow's hierarchy, path goal leadership theory , Attribute theory ,integration framework ,concept of motivation, goal setting theory ,organizational cultures and subcultures etc. psychology theories to help manager to predict your staffs behavior to know how who will change whose personnel behavior to solve your management challenges in different working environment more easily. keywords: expectancy theory, ERG theory ,Maslow's hierarchy ,Concept of motivation ,goal setting theory , Attribute theory ,path goal leadership theory , organizational cultures and subcultures

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I had graduated business Administration Science Degree in Common Wealth Open University. Then, I concentrate on researching whether how economic changing environment can influence our behaviors, e.g. consumer behavior in behavioral economic view. I had researched different behavioral economic topics included how artificial intelligence influences economic environment changes, how artificial intelligence influences consumer behaviors, how disease influences traveler leisure psychology, how economic changing environment influences public transport passenger choice, how e-commerce market influences consumer behavior etc. different books are published. I hoped my readers can make accurate analysis to learn how and why the economic changing environment influences consumer behavior in behavioral economic view.


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