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Water is the majorelement on earth for the existence of people. Groundwater is the most ideal wellspring of water available to satisfy our ordinary needs. This is the reason the dependency on groundwater has increasedthat leads to the ground-water over-exploitation. Regarding groundwater, a few urban commodities in India have just arrived at zero levels. Its yield is reducing because of overexploitation and absence of groundwater recharge. in spite of over-misuse, people have additionally changed the characteristic groundwater rejuvenation framework by building homes, streets, organizations, production lines, and different administrations. Modern waste management system isn't enough to manage the chemical and household waste. Industrial facilities and is generally flown through the open land and stream/nala channels. This waste is mixing with groundwater just as surface water contamination. Both overexploitation and mechanical and chemical waste would be destroying the groundwater in the coming days. In present study author analyzed the harmful effect of the industrial wastes in Siltara industrial and adjoining areas of Raipur (CG). Thirty different samples of water were collected from the industrial area Siltara which is contaminated by the industrial wastes. The Author has analyzed the physical and chemical properties of the collected samples. It was found that the water is contaminated with the higher risk levels and different measures need to be taken to purify it, and it is not safe for the drinking purpose.

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Dr Ghanshyam Shakar

Author Dr. Ghanshayam Shakar is having Doctorate in Applied Geology with a specialization in Hydrogeology and Water Resources. He has Academic experience of more than 10 years. Dr Shakar has published several Research Articles, Book chapters and Patents.


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