Hundred songs from every corner of the world

By Benjamin Chernuhin (Compiled by)

Language : Russian
Pages : 43
Ebook ISBN : 9789357334112
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Dear listeners! It is the first set of songs from my musical works list which may attract your interest. All of them belong to the Easy Listening category. There are around 100 songs in this set and each one of them was successful. No doubt there are many more such musical works and additional sets will follow. It is not an encyclopedia but rather reference information. Its purpose is to inform about musical works and their creators. Using this reference data I hope will peak your curiosity and lead you to additional information on YouTube. I will be glad to get your comments and advice. Please write on e-mail I hope that you enjoy the collection!

About Contributor

Benjamin Chernuhin

Born in the Soviet Union, emigrated to Israel, lived in South Africa and the United States and I am fluent in Russian, English and Hebrew. I have a great love for music and thanks to my multicultural life I have had the opportunity to discover many amazing songs an singers that I wish to share with you all.


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