How to Quickly Analyze People

By MI$TER X (Author)

Language : English
Pages : 116
Paperback ISBN : 9789356754690
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✓ Ever wondered how to get to know people without much effort and difficulty? Do you want to skyrocket your nonverbal intelligence and begin to read people like asimple book? Then this book is surely for you! ⚠ The ability to analyze people correctly can influence your emotional, family, and work life dramatically. When you realize how another person thinks, so you can tailor your message and conversation style to ensure that it is handled in the best possible manner. In this book™ MI$TER X have covered – among the others - the following topics: ① 10+ Indicators to quickly analyze people ② 53+ Methods to analyze body language ③ The Scientific neuro-hacking system ④ How turn on your laser beam to protect you and manipulate the others. It is not that difficult! This might sound cliché, but no special abilities are required to know how to read minds. Stop letting your previous perceptions and feelings affect your thoughts and views. If you quickly judge people it can lead you to misread people and you are not able to protect yourself form external attacks. You have to become and be objective and analytical in moving closer to any encounter and circumstance. Are you ready to turn on your Laser Beam? Click the Buy Now Button and Grab Your Copy Now!!

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“Believes can be manipulated, only Knowledge is dangerous” MI$TER X is a secretive person, only a handful of people knows who he is. He has a mysterious personality and the alure of his wealth and charisma attracts many. He has helped the world’s most influential entrepreneurs and politicians to escape from huge debts and violent crises thanks to his manipulation skills, his innate skills to create huge cash flows and his influential connections. Book writing is his true passion and a few years back he started publishing masterpieces as: “The Mind Hacking System” and “The Nightmare: Brainwash and Use Them”. The curious thing is that these two books are no longer available on the market, because two visionary American entrepreneurs hurried to buy the information included in these books to keep these golden tricks for themselves. Now, MI$TER X is back on the stage with a new series of masterpieces full of scandalous information. His 2020 masterpiece series of 25 books is: The A-Z Subliminal Manipulation Program


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