How Robots Bring Positive Or Negative Impacts To Global Societies

By JOHN LOK (Author)

Language : English
Pages : 255
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I write this book aim to let readers to feel whether how artificial intelligent technology will influence future technological development to influence human life. How can artificial intelligent tools can bring positive or negative impact to influence future technological development to developing and developed countries ? The another research questions : Should robotic production of factor of technology be caused to economic development? What is future (AI) artificial intelligent products development trend and reasonable development stages? How to predict consumer behaviors to persuade who to feel (AI) products are more satisfactory to their needs? Why do consumers feel them to need to buy any (AI) products to use? Will it have other similar products to replace (AI) any products? How is the reasonable stages to achieve future (AI) development in success? What are the different development stages between developed and developing countries ? Whether (AI) robotic workers can be instead of traditional human workers in these different new markets to bring positive or negative impaction to change human job nature change? In recent years, machines had been used to be human's tasks in the performance of certain tasks related to intelligence , such as aspects of image recognition. Experts also forecast that rapid progress in the field of specialized artificial intelligence will continue. Then, it also brings this question: Does (AI) exceed that of human performance on more and more tasks to replace human jobs? If it is truth, will some of human jobs to be disappeared? (AI) will be instead of human some simple jobs, then unemployment rate to the low skillful and low educated workers will be increased. Whether (AI) will be raised either production or performance or unemployment to bring human job market more advantages or more disadvantages? In my this book, I shall explain whether (AI) will bring benefits or disadvantages to human job market.

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I had graduated business Administration Science Degree in Common Wealth Open University. Then, I concentrate on researching whether how economic changing environment can influence our behaviors, e.g. consumer behavior in behavioral economic view. I had researched different behavioral economic topics included how artificial intelligence influences economic environment changes, how artificial intelligence influences consumer behaviors, how disease influences traveler leisure psychology, how economic changing environment influences public transport passenger choice, how e-commerce market influences consumer behavior etc. different books are published. I hoped my readers can make accurate analysis to learn how and why the economic changing environment influences consumer behavior in behavioral economic view.


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