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What is the meaning of life? None can tell the actual definition of the meaning of life. for some, it is all about happiness, building a family, and leading life as it is. For some, it is about accumulating wealth, like that of Karunanidhi, son of Muthuvel of Thirukuvalai, a fetishist for money or money fetish, thus accumulated wealth by swindling, corrupting and bribing,thus spoiled the entire society. For some, it is all about love. Many think about the meaning and purpose in life from a philosophical perspective, but the meaning of life is associated with better health, wellness, and perhaps longevity. Further, the meaning of life is associated with better physical and mental well being. "When you find more meaning inn life, you become more contented, whereas if you don't have a purpose in life and are searching for it u successfully, you will feel much more stressed out. When you are young, like in your twenties, you are unsure about your career, a life partner, and who you are as a person. You are searching for meaning in life. As you start to get into your thirties, forties, and fifties, you have more established relationship, may be you are married and have a family, and you have settled in a career. The search decreases and the meaning in life increases."

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Trichy Muthu Krishnan, a Bardolator, is a retired Professor whose native place is Tiruchirappalli and he started this professional career as a writer ever since his adulthood and has furthered his knowledge by writing plays for the College celebrations and then after his retirement from the service, delved into a full time writer of novels, especially Romantic suspense novels, based on human psychology, (Dr. William Stakel) and Shakespearean plays and sonnets. In all his novels, Shakespearean quotations are in spate significantly. His portrayal of characters in all his novels whether it is romantic or romantic suspense or Historical Romantic novels, are realistic and some real events are spun into a fixed form from his pragmatic life by which one can realize the reality of the situation in which the characters of the novels play their role accordingly.


Fiction : Romance - Fantasy