Future Education Reform New Direction

By JOHN LOK (Author)

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This book chapter one and two explain how and why student learning behavior and teacher teaching method which has close relationship ? I shall indicate these several aspects to explain the reasons. They include how to apply behavioral economic methods to solve classroom management discipline in order to let student individual to raise learning interest in the classroom; how successful persuasive teaching method can raise student individual learning behavior ; how effective school management behavior can raise student learning interest and how to improve financial education effectiveness which can raise student learning interest. In chapter 1, I shall research liberal studies subject teaching and learning need question, nowadays, foreign and Asian countries universities and high schools have liberal studies this subject in popular to be taught to let students to learn. In some Asian countries high schools , such as Hong Kong high schools, liberal studies subject is one essential subject to be taught in high schools as well as high school students must need pass this liberal studies subject, then they have chance to enroll to university to study in Hong Kong. So, liberal studies must be one important subject to influence Hong Kong students whether they have chance to enroll Hong Kong universities to study. Otherwise, liberal studies will be one select or choice of subject to some foreign high school students to study in some universities as Hong Kong, US, UK. So, liberal studies subject won't have bring serious influence to foreign students to enroll universities to study in some foreign countries. In chapter 2, I shall research whether any country's learning policy has relationship to influence itself country students' learning attitude, nowadays, Asian and Western countries have different or similar education systems, whether their education systems will influence their students' whole person long life behaviors to be better or worse, right or wrong view points to deal any matters directly? For recently Hong Kong young people force to crash or damage Hong Kong legistative building and HK police force building case example, due to many HK young people feel not satisfactory or angry to their HK government social performance or legislative reform. It causes their choose to do force crash or violence damage behaviors or anti-social behavior to let their HK government know their negative emotions. It brings this question: Has it direct relationship between HK young people anti-social behaviors and HK education system or education police ? I shall indicate what the differences or similiarities between Asian and Western education systems or policies, e.g. US , UK , Hong Kong , China etc. countries. Also I shall compare what themselves countries' possible benefits or positive or negative of education behavioral influences to encourage or persuade themselves countries' students to build right or wrong whole -person long minds or attitudes.

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I had graduated business Administration Science Degree in Common Wealth Open University. Then, I concentrate on researching whether how economic changing environment can influence our behaviors, e.g. consumer behavior in behavioral economic view. I had researched different behavioral economic topics included how artificial intelligence influences economic environment changes, how artificial intelligence influences consumer behaviors, how disease influences traveler leisure psychology, how economic changing environment influences public transport passenger choice, how e-commerce market influences consumer behavior etc. different books are published. I hoped my readers can make accurate analysis to learn how and why the economic changing environment influences consumer behavior in behavioral economic view.


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