Exciting Time machine Invention

By JOHN LOK (Author)

Language : English
Pages : 109
Paperback ISBN : 9789357902243
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This time machine science story concerns one lecturer invents one time machine to help the main actor his student Johnny to catch his time machine to go to the future time and go back the present time travel. His student Johnny's surprising journey will be described in this fiction. This story introduces one scientist invents one time machine to bring whose one student to go to future time journey. It is my first science fiction novel written and a science comedy, a time travel science story. This scenario of this series takes place in four stages of journey. This lecturer will memorize to speak to let his students to know from his final time machine journey to early time machine journey. The Boston university Lecturer, Jim had invented on time machine. This time machine can apply space black hole principle to hekp any earth travellers to enter any bilding black hole wall to go to our future, even go back either present or past time. Their journey will be very exciting. In their machine time journeys , they had encountered aliens, futuer robotic enemy, even the boston univesity lecturer Jim his future himself. The Boston university lecturer, time machine inventor, Jim and his student, johnny, time traveler both have gone into the future to the year 802,000 I and have come back present in final journey, after they had experienced several different future time journeys. They expect to find a better world with highly intelligent people and great inventions. Instead, they find that people have become weak, child-like creatures. They dance and sing, and wear flowers. They seem happy, but they also felt fear. Whether what cause they felt afraid, but why are they so frightened when they knew whether what will happen in the future ? And who or hat has stolen their time black hole wall machine? Will these two time travelers, ever be able to return to the present ?

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I like to create space science fiction. This book can bring readers to enjoy this exciting time machine journey with the lecturer and whose student together.


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