Every cloud has silver lining


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It is usually possible for something good to come out of bad situation. A silver lining on a cloud is an ideation that the sun is behind it. The potential for something positive or beneficial to result from a negative situation. One can derive some benefit from every bad thing that transpires to one. An element of hope or a redeeming quality in an otherwise bad situation, as in “The rally had a disappointing turmoil but the silver lining was that those who came pledged a great deal of money. This metaphorical term is a shortening of” Every cloud has a silver lining.” In turn derived from John Milton’s”Comus”,” A sable loud turns forth its silver lining on the night.” There is always something hopeful about even the most difficult or unhappy situation. The worst situation has some element of hope or dome redeeming quality. John Milton appears to have been the originator of this metaphor as mentioned above. It was adopted by numerous later writers and so was already a cliché by the time it appeared in the popular magazines.

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Trichy Muthu Krishnan, a Bardolator, is a retired Professor whose native place is Tiruchirappalli and he started this professional career as a writer ever since his adulthood and has furthered his knowledge by writing plays for the College celebrations and then after his retirement from the service, delved into a full time writer of novels, especially Romantic suspense novels, based on human psychology, (Dr. William Stakel) and Shakespearean plays and sonnets. In all his novels, Shakespearean quotations are in spate significantly. His portrayal of characters in all his novels whether it is romantic or romantic suspense or Historical Romantic novels, are realistic and some real events are spun into a fixed form from his pragmatic life by which one can realize the reality of the situation in which the characters of the novels play their role accordingly.


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