Encyclopedia of Dr. Sebi 7 in 1

By A. J. Bridgeford (Author)

Language : English
Pages : 692
Paperback ISBN : 9789356754744
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The book that beginners and experts should have in their library: Encyclopedia of Dr. Sebi 7 in 1 | Practice | Simple | Effective If you are looking for a complete guide that teaches you how to eat healthy, keep your immune system strong, and fight disease...then this book is the solution for you. A. J. Bridgeford is a young author who has been a student of Dr. Sebi's medical studies for years. He used all his knowledge to help many people recover from bad diseases with excellent results. His motivation arose after losing his mother to a chronic infection and after 10 years he has helped more than 5,375 people. With experience, he decided to document all his knowledge and write a collection of books to help all families. The seven complete volumes in one book only | Body-mind-spirit free What You Will Learn Within this book, you have over 500 different natural remedies to fight disease, regulate the immune system and eat healthy. You will learn to manage your PH level, in this way you can prevent many diseases and inflammations. You will know the essential natural ingredients to heal you and make excellent body treatments. And much more. Volumes inside the book: Vol. 1 - Cures and Treatments Vol. 2 - Cure for Herpes Vol. 3 - Cure for Cancer Vol. 4 - Alkaline Diet Vol. 5 - Alkaline Herbal MEdicine Vol. 6 - Smoothie Detox Guide Vol. 7 - Complete Dr. Sebi Cookbook Make your body happy and buy Encyclopedia of Dr. Sebi 7 in 1 now!

About Contributor

A. J. Bridgeford

A.J. Bridgeford was born in South Africa and is an incredible traveler who has traveled the globe at least 10 times to discover the wonderful cultures belonging to various countries. His journey was interrupted when he lost his mother due to an unexpected and terrible illness. After this happened, he suffered a lot from depression until he realized that his mission was to find a solution to the most well-known diseases and help people in need. This research led him to Honduras, where he learned and practiced the revolutionary methodologies of the great Dr. Sebi. Since then, his mission has become to disseminate these incredible treatments and work in the field to improve people's lives. He is still fighting disease thanks to his private clinics with exceptional results. He wanted to bring back some of his most important knowledge in the field of "alkaline-based medicine" with this book. With the wish for a healthier life, he reported a quote: "Life is around us, and we are the fruit of life. Like any fruit, we need the natural elements that the earth makes available to us to become ripe and begin to new life".


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