Business Outsourcing Strategies Brings What

By JOHN LOK (Author)

Language : English
Pages : 158
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Hardback ISBN : 9789357901840
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Although, nowadays, outsourcing is popular strategy to any global organizations. But they neglect outsourcing strategy has also disadvantages to some organizational departments. This book concerns to explain why outsourcing strategy can bring benefits to some organizational departments, but it can also bring disadvantages to some organizational departments. I shall indicate evidences to explain what the reasons are not right when the organizations choose outsourcing strategy to some departments as well as what the reasons are right when the organizations choose outsourcing strategy to other departments. It is suitable to any students who have interest to research outsourcing strategy. This book brings readers image yourselves are organizational outsourcing strategic professionals. You need to help your organizational different departments to implement outsource strategy. In this outsourcing strategy journey, you will feel what positive or negative influences when your outsouring implementation period.

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I had graduated business Administration Science Degree in Common Wealth Open University. Then, I concentrate on researching whether how economic changing environment can influence our behaviors, e.g. consumer behavior in behavioral economic view. I had researched different behavioral economic topics included how artificial intelligence influences economic environment changes, how artificial intelligence influences consumer behaviors, how disease influences traveler leisure psychology, how economic changing environment influences public transport passenger choice, how e-commerce market influences consumer behavior etc. different books are published. I hoped my readers can make accurate analysis to learn how and why the economic changing environment influences consumer behavior in behavioral economic view.


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