Bewildered Intellect

By Mohsin Ali (Author)

Language : English
Pages : 208
Paperback ISBN : 9789357333634
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Choosing path of Love and Closing eyes, drinking from the jars till losing all the intelligence and falling beyond thoughts and understanding. When madness comes and soul starts to dance, Beloved appears everywhere, in every face, playing hide and seek. The lover is bewildered and speaks in many ways about the actions done to him. The torments, favours, wounds given. About charm and much more. Although he is drunk and all desires have been burnt out in the last desire of beloved, he is homesick till union. In separation he becomes a poet and sings songs of separation, beauty, days and nights of memories. How he sees his face in blinks and falls asleep. He praises the glory of Beloved. The restless soul keeps longing for Him, painful heart for His arrival. The strings remain beating. Somewhere calling in prayers while somewhere in complains.

About Contributor

Mohsin Ali

Mohsin Ali, a young writer, author and poet from Budgam, Jammu and Kashmir, India. He completed his schooling from a government school. He has already published some of his works which include 'The Vibrant flowers of Garden' 'The Dawn', and some other. Mohsin’s severe health issues have resulted in years of getting bedridden and isolated and remained aloof from academics completely after 12th was done. This condition usually gives one a sense of anguish and despair as one sees one’s peers enjoying life to its fullest. In this fight with diseases, he feels like being born again and again only to meet a new death-like experience. For the writer, however, it comes with other blessings: the understanding, or the mindfulness of understanding the meaning of life. Mohsin has been deeply in love with nature and often writes about it. Since being under the shadow of master from early age, it became simple for him to understand the nature of life and never rushed. He chooses writing a path to sing like those birds in own tone, in praise and glory of God. He finds the pain a hidden way to unfold treasure of life.


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