According to the dreams Religion and Science

By Abdul Waheed (Author)

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Dreams have a very important utility in the life of a human being, if he is awake during the day then he dreams throughout the night, this is a mystery which has been continuously explored since ancient times till now. It has been interpreted differently in each religion. Some people say that the soul leaves the body while dreaming but some say that this does not happen, it remains in the mind only. These differences have been going on since ancient times, yet it is a subject of study till today. Making. Some people also say that in dreams the soul of a person goes to a parallel world, that is, there is a similar world in which whatever he does is absolutely true. This book has been written on this subject, in this book dreams have been explained through science and how it is discussed in every religion is also told. Please study it. If there is any discussion on this topic in your opinion or knowledge, please let me know, so that I can share your information in this book,

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Abdul Waheed

My name is Abdul Waheed, my father's name is Late Haji Ubaidur Rahman and mother's name is Jaibunnisa. I have liked scientific ideology since childhood and have a calm nature and attachment to books. Due to which my curiosity interest has been continuously used in new discoveries and information. I got selected in polytechnic while doing BSc, but unfortunately it remained incomplete because father and brother died. Two words of my father, which are very precious for my life, first - earn honestly, do not take support of lies, secondly, respect food and eat as much as you want. That's why the education remained incomplete due to the responsibility of the house, then later getting married. Still did not lose courage and today the book is available in front of you in the form of my thoughts. If any information is left incomplete, please let us know. Thank you


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