A Venture to Victory

By Meamoona (Other)

Language : English
Pages : 200
Paperback ISBN : 9789357333061
Hardback ISBN : 9789357333078
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Sometimes I wonder why people take too much pain, why they do crazy things, risk their lives, wage some bloody wars, travel through perilous pathways, and work day in and day out. Why do people sacrifice their time, health, and money? Why do they go through a long, tiring struggle and fight till the last breath? After a long and deep exploration, I have discovered that some people have a purpose in life, which is far more important than pleasure and happiness. Their dreams are bigger than their comfort, and their mission is worthier than their luxury. The text in this book is mainly composed of motivational speeches and lectures by the author. This book is composed of the following fundamental lessons for leading a victorious life: • Dream big and think outside the box. • Importance of life’s direction, goals, and objectives • The quest for self-discovery and identifying innate talents and gifts • Developing good habits, self-worth, and personality traits • Developing faith and believing in oneself • Putting your plans into action • How to remain steadfast against all the odds • Trusting the law of nature • Principles to lead a peaceful, balanced, and contented life This book also includes an interesting dilemma at the workplace: "whether to please the boss or perform the job." The inspiration for writing this book was taken from great speakers and authors, including Wayne W. Dyer, Stephen R. Covey, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, and Les Brown.

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