ROOM NO.1023

By Shreyas Ghadge (Author)

Language : English
Pages : 97
Paperback ISBN : 9789357334372
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Us Dollar US$ 9.00


First of all, this novel is based on a true incident. The secret that most people still don’t know. A murder in a hotel room number 1023 reveals some very hidden secrets, but until the end it is not known who committed the murder. Even after a thorough investigation, small and large cases related to it are solved. But till the end it is not known that any person came in that room who committed the murder but no one in that room Someone is seen coming and not leaving, so how did he get killed? Was it a suicide case? What spirit was in that room? There are many secrets that many people will know after reading but cannot be told through words. The last part which is presented is purely imaginary. But it is logical to think that such things can happen. And after reading the complete novel somewhere one can claim that maybe there will be a second part too. The entire incident may be shown in the second part as well

About Contributor

Shreyas Ghadge

Shreyas Ghadge, a civil engineering student completed his engineering in 2022 from YCCE College of Engineering. But his writing journey started from childhood, he brought his interest in writing to this field at a very young age. And using very big words, he has framed every subject according to himself. For which he has also been honored with various awards. Author Shreyas Ghadge has given many hundreds of thoughts on human nature to the people through the book. In fact, even those experiences for which it is a matter of great experience, he has published through the word in an excellent amount through books and his articles. Not only this, but his belief is that a person should look at his passion at least once, along with the fact that civil engineering is his profession and writing is his passion, even though these two things are different, their importance is the same in his life.


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