Stories of nature and life

By Sharada Shreesha (Author)

Language : English
Pages : 52
Paperback ISBN : 9789357334426
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By books till now are based on only Hinduism and Hindu gods.This book is based on stories of nature like birds,planets,peace based on the Hindu god of creation Vishnu and Brahma.But these topics are also relatable to our life(Saraswati) based on topics like capacity where we can reach with the help of Karthikeya-motivation.I have also taken topics from the Bhagavadgita such as no laziness,and vishnusahasranama -a shloka ,where Vishnu fulfills our wishes if we put our efforts.

About Contributor

Sharada Shreesha

I believe everything is only Vishnu(Hindu ) energy that surrounds us. Vishnu energy is nothing but intelligence.All my books are also based on my belief that there is only one God Vishnu with Karthikeya -protector. At the same time ,I like to make these topics of Hinduism relatable to small children.I enjoy writing books only on Hindu Gods by making topics of Hindu gods relatable to small children.By books till now are based on only Hinduism and Hindu gods.


Religion : Hinduism - General