By R Muthukrishnan (Author)

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Soulmates can be a blessing but finding them can really be tedious and we are fed with theories on ‘love’ and relationship through movies, songs, plays, novels and hearsay. And we dream for these fairy tales to come true. When the lovers met each other in the tryst, she felt a wave of current passing through! And both of them were utterly perplexed as to how they could feel a pleasant shock , called as,” Twin Flame” , a sort of high energy , intense, a continuation of previous love romance kind that builds on one on a spiritual level. The pages of History on romantic scriptures, one will come across mention of soulmates and two flames and kindred spirit! In Tamil, it is called,”Vitta Kurai thotta Kurai” meaning something incomplete in the past life is out here in the next birth to finish its purpose. May be that is why soulmates are hard! They come to work on one, show one’s faults, try to fix one, and when the work is done, they leave. It is also one of the blandest relationships. They are just like you, so you can understand why they did and what they did. Even if they’re flirting with someone else, you know they will come around, and there’s no room for jealousy. You would instead just let them go than fight over pettiness.

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R Muthukrishnan

Trichy Muthu Krishnan, a Bardolator, is a retired Professor whose native place is Tiruchirappalli and he started this professional career as a writer ever since his adulthood and has furthered his knowledge by writing plays for the College celebrations and then after his retirement from the service, delved into a full time writer of novels, especially Romantic suspense novels, based on human psychology, (Dr. William Stakel) and Shakespearean plays and sonnets. In all his novels, Shakespearean quotations are in spate significantly. His portrayal of characters in all his novels whether it is romantic or romantic suspense or Historical Romantic novels, are realistic and some real events are spun into a fixed form from his pragmatic life by which one can realize the reality of the situation in which the characters of the novels play their role accordingly.


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