Body Language


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What individuals say is frequently altogether different from what they think or feel. This book is exactly your expectation to know those sentiments which individuals frequently attempt to stow away. This book adds another aspect to human communication. It is an unquestionable necessity for anyone whose business or individual life includes up close and personal cooperation with others.

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KHRITISH SWARGIARY a former assistant professor in Education Department at SBM COLLEGE, BONGAIGAON, ASSAM, INDIA. Educational Qualification: 1. Master of Arts (EDUCATION) from the Department of Education, Gauhati University, Assam. 2. Master of PSYCHOLOGY from Department of Psychology, IGNOU, India. 3. Bachelor of Arts (Education) from Bongaigaon College ,Assam in year. 4. UGC-NET in Education with 86.69%. 5. D.EL.ED. from Assam Valley Academy, Assam. 6. I.T.I in Computer operating and programming assistant diploma in Assam. 7. PGDCA from CEC, ASSAM. He likes to read and review the research articles and journals on context related to Educational Technology, Psychology, General Education, etc. Specialization: Abnormal Psychology, Educational technology, Teacher Education.


KAVITA ROY, currently working as an Assistant Professor in Department of Education at Bongaigaon College, Bongaigaon. (CONTRACTUAL) Educational Qualification: 1. M.A. (Education) from Gauhati University. 2. B.A. (Education) from Bongaigaon College


Social Science : Body Language & Nonverbal Communication

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