Together Again

By Narinder Kumar Sapra (Author)

Language : English
Pages : 172
Paperback ISBN : 9789356754706
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In a remote village in North-West of united India, lived two families whose friendship stood the test of time for many generations. Both the families were affluent having vast tracts of cultivable lands on the banks of River Jhelum. Because of their benevolent and helping nature, they had earned tremendous goodwill in that region. Ironically, on the same night at the same time, both the friends are blessed with a son and a daughter. They together bring up the children with great love and affection. Studying together in school and completing under graduation from the King Edwards Medical College Lahore their love blossoms terminating in their getting married. After completing their specializations in Cardiology from the Trinity School of Medicine, Dublin they return to settle in their village to construct a multi-specialty hospital for rendering free treatment to the people of that region. When their dream project was nearing completion, unknown to people of that region, confirmed reports of the country being divided based on arbitrary boundary lines drawn on the map jolted the complete region. Wide-scale riots resulting in cold-blooded murders and forcibly occupying properties from their legal owners resulted in mass-scale migrations of people. While trying to escape to safety on territories lying on the other side of the arbitrary boundary, their convoy is attacked by armed hordes riding on their horsebacks. A stiff scuffle takes place causing a large number of casualties, resulting in every member of their family getting separated. Each person presumes that the other members of their family are probably dead. Years pass by when another colleague of Subhashni woos her to convince her to remarry. The new couple is invited to take part in a medical seminar in Lahore. They take a few weeks off to visit their erstwhile village. To the pleasant surprise of one another, other members of Subhashni’s family also happen to arrive there during the same period. Hell breaks out when her childhood lover and husband also arrives at the scene. Both her lovers now hold influential positions on either side of the two belligerent warring countries, which had even closed direct entries through their borders. Read on to know what happens further………………….

About Contributor

Narinder Kumar Sapra

Brig N K Sapra held varied important appointments as a commissioned officer during his over 36 years’ service in the Indian Army, the last being, ‘Chief Electronics Engineer’. After shedding his army uniform, he occupied high positions in National Council Applied Economics & Research (NCAER), Pure Cotton, Crescendo Clothing, Consultancy Development Centre, Real Estate Developers and Investment Banking firm. Currently, he is the ‘Editorial Correspondent’ with Defence magazine, ‘India Strategic’. He has been a full-time Director of five companies. He was also Superintendent Engineer (Mechanical) in the Border Roads. He is a postgraduate, both in’ Radar and Control Systems’ and in ‘Business Management’. He was selected to carry out prestigious long Technical Staff Officers Course and undertake many other training courses prominent being Advance Work-Study, Senior Defence Management, Senior Command and one year integrated course on the technology of Automobiles, Armaments, Small Arms and Instruments. He has a diploma in Earth Moving Equipment. He is a fellow and ‘Certified Electronics Engineer’ of IETE, Lead Auditor, and was a member of the Institute of Engineers, AIMA & DMA. His extensive diversified education and experience helped him acquire insights into varied aspects of life. While in the Army, Border Roads and aforementioned organizations, he wrote many professional books and formulated detailed Instructions. He has also carried out numerous project studies pertaining to Equipment Management and Maintenance of Military Equipment.


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