Tunnel Executors

By Houssam KHELALFA (Author)

Language : English
Pages : 495
Paperback ISBN : 9789356649088
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The purpose of this book is to present step-by-step requirements and methodology for the construction of high quality tunnels according to project specifications, codes and standards applicable by the NATM method. We present Guidelines and Recommendations for tunnel works. A pilot study has been presented; The geological conditions of the tunnel, seismicity, the kinematic analyzes of the portals, Failure Analysis, Collapse Analysis, Support Evaluation System, Drainage System, Tunnel Support Systems Review with Numerical Analysis Methods, Evaluation of Analysis Results, Analysis of Vehicles and Pedestrians Passages, Reinforcement details of the lining (Coating) and the concrete slab, Static calculation of the open trench structure and soil nail design calculations. Then we present with details how to make and apply the Realization, Monitoring and Surveillance of a Tunnel. Finally; we present with details how to make and apply a Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) and its detailed procedures necessary to reserve and meet the quality requirements for the good control and development of tunnel construction works.

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Dr. Houssam KHELALFA, is a researcher in Civil, Geotechnical & Marine Engineering. He produced several theories and models in the field of civil geotechnical engineering. He is the innovator of a Scientific Approach in Combining General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics in One Theory. He is the Founder of a New Science of Merging Social sciences and Mathematics into one continuum (Social Mathematical & Human Engineering Sciences). He is the author of several scientific articles and books, he is a reviewer and Chief Editor.


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