By Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu (Author)

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This is a Musical Melody story attached with Panchatantra Stories, which will impress all age group people including musical lovers and children who are fond of hearing the great Panchatantra Stories. (Both Animal and Human stories). SYNOPSIS Few Street Beggars, who are of caliber and in various musical fields (which includes, singing, playing musical instruments, and telling children stories i.e., Panchatantra Stories (both animal and human stories). Few beggars who beg on streets due to their poverty or could say not having or acquired any good and big qualifications, turn into as a group, due to co-incidental meeting, become together, express their tough life and hardships, plan, and decide to perform musical melody songs and tell few stories on the streets, initially. These couple of beggars come to an understanding to grow in life with their God given power of specialized voice and musical instruments performance. Few beggars, also in this group, have a specialist in expressing the stories (both animal and human stories) which are called Panchatantra stories, which even attract many of the street-walkers, music lovers and children. Slowly, this Musical Melody group titled “THE CRAZY BEGGARS with PANCHATANTRA STORIES” (Melodic Stories), becomes a hit. Each day many people including children gather at this performing group and listen to the melodic songs and stories which they make. These groups of artistic and melodic beggars get a good response from the street audience. This group slowly started performing their Musical Melody Songs and Panchatantra stories and slowly gained financial component and became sound in their financial growth. They start giving their performances in many auditoriums and on big stages. A very big overwhelming response this group receives and they become well known throughout the globe. Even many TV studios and News Papers and Social Media coverages take place and this group gets great recognition throughout the world. In this story, some love matters are covered and this story becomes motivational, encourages all the poor people, and leads a principled life in becoming big in the society through their artistic and melodic voices and also through one’s own orchestra performances. Finally, This Melodic Group becomes a world-famous group and makes way for the youth and others, not to beg on the streets and to learn the habit of singing or musical instruments performance and advises to learn some special art for their regular livelihood. This is a motivational story for all age group people and children too. Few of the beggars tell good animal stories and also human-related stories after their melodic singing performance is completed each day. These stories too attract many children and many people gather at this group's programs each day in large numbers. Even the local agencies, nodal agencies, government and certain cultural departments also cooperate and recognize these types of musical melody street performance groups. Even the local Police Chief also supports and helps these types of musical groups through various NGOs. So, the theme of this story is growing with the God given gift and utilizing various opportunities by working hard without begging, makes one self-reliant and shows as a model to the upcoming people and children. ------

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