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Steps to Self-Publishing a Book

With Writat’s Easy-to-Use, Customizable Self-Publishing Solutions, You Can Publish Your Book in Different Languages Across Global Marketplaces in a Day

Create a Free Account :

Profile creation on our book publishing portal is simple. You can access free designing, book creation, publishing, and marketing resources.

Choose a Template:

Whether you're writing a romantic fiction piece or seeking to showcase your wildlife photography, we provide fitting templates for every genre.

Set Up Your Book:

Setting up the manuscript on the template will take less than five minutes. We also provide expert guidance in self-publishing books if you need assistance.

Select the Cover Design

Writat provides more than 500 free cover designs for various genres. Customizable options are also available through our experts.

Your Book is Published

If your book is formatted correctly, it will take only 30 minutes to publish it on our digital and advanced self-publishing platform.

About Writat

Writat is a self-publishing platform that eases the difficult journey of writing a book and becoming a recognized author by making the process digital, centralized, and free.

We are one of the leading global free book-publishing companies for writers who want to create an impact and establish a global name with their works. We give you a self-publishing platform to sell your books across all leading global marketplaces in different formats and languages.

While self-publishing book publishers design their books with our advanced publishing software and free templates, we list them in our partnered global stores in 80 countries with the help of our international distribution network of libraries, suppliers, retailers, booksellers, and eCommerce marketplaces.

You can self-publish your book in Paperback, Hardcover, & eBook to reach and gain visibility amidst a wider audience.

With the right tools & book plans by an expert team, we fulfill all local, national, and international book publishing needs.



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